Golden Retriever Weight Chart

Did you know that Golden retrievers with their sunny, gold fur and mild, gentle nature are often considered the most affectionate and intelligent dogs? 🐶

Despite their high energy levels, their even-tempered & playful tactics make them a popular choice as pets, birds, and easily trainable rescue & search dogs! This is all possible because of the weight and height they possess.🦮

Varying from medium to large-size, golden retrievers strut sturdy, athletic bodies and strong gaits which makes them the perfect companions of those who’re up to shower them with the love and care they need to thrive.

Luckily, if you’re a parent to one such golden pup you might be wondering how large my golden Retriever would get! At what pace should they be growing? How to track their current weight? How to know the average weight at a certain age and what weight to expect in the coming days?

To keep an eye on their weight, you can use our Golden Retriever weight chart designed especially for you. This will help you track the weight of your pup throughout its different developmental stages.

Golden retriever weight chart

Stay tuned with us as we’ll further discuss various stages of your Golden Retriever in this comprehensive article, including month-by-month comparison tables on the typical Golden Retriever’s weight chart kg.

Golden Retriever Weight Chart

While growing into an adult dog, a golden retriever pup goes through several developmental changes varying from time to time. In this regard, the weight chart of Golden Retrievers may be of great help.

 It takes approximately one to two years for a golden retriever’s puppy to grow into an adult dog depending on its breed, and size, plus some other factors to achieve this mature weight. A balanced diet🌭  and regular exercise can aid you in maintaining Golden Retriever weight by age.

This is essential to keep in mind that each dog grows at its own pace, don’t fret if the values provided in this Golden retriever weight chart differ from your dog’s current weight or size.

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Golden Retriever Puppy Weight Chart

As a large breed, Golden Retrievers can grow rapidly during the first year of their life. The Golden Retriever weight chart is an essential tool to aid in the track of growth & development of your gold fur. 

By using the golden retriever’s dog weight chart, you can easily monitor your pup’s progress and make sure that they’re meeting their expected weight milestones. However, you must keep in mind that these are estimated values only, and the growth of your snowball might be affected by internal and external factors as mentioned in the golden retriever growth chart.

To ascertain if your gold ball is small, average-sized, or large, scroll down to seek an idea of your puppy’s weight on the Table.1 of the Golden Retriever Puppy Weight Chart.

We’ve divided the table week-wise to make it easier for you to locate your Golden Retriever weight by week.

Age Weight
1 week0.5 – 0.9 kg
2 weeks1.3 – 2.25 kg
3 weeks2.25 – 3.1 kg
4 weeks3.6 – 5.4 kg
5 weeks5.8 – 7.2 kg
6 weeks7.7 – 9.5 kg
7 weeks9.8 – 11.7 kg
8 weeks11.8 – 15.8 kg

Note: These weights are for the first 8 weeks of pup’s life, after that their growth rate may slow down a bit!

We’ve made things easier for you by breaking down the Golden Retriever ideal weight chart (kg)  on a monthly basis which will help you encounter the average weight each month.

1 month2.2 – 4.5 kg
2 months4.5 – 9.0 kg
3 months9.0 – 13.6 kg
4 months13.6 – 18.1 kg
5 months18.1 – 22.7 kg
6 months22.7 – 27.2 kg
7 months25.0 – 29.5 kg
8 months27.2 – 31.8 kg
9 months29.5 – 34.0 kg
10 months29.5 – 34.0 kg
11 months31.8 – 36.3 kg
12 months31.8 – 38.6 kg

Dr. Karen Becker

Dr. Karen Becker

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Dogs thrive on routine & consistency. Establishing a constant feeding schedule, exercise routine, and training regimen can help your dog feel more secure and happy.

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Female Golden Retriever Weight Chart

A female Golden Retriever Weight Chart is a helpful tool, we’ve compiled for you to maintain a record of your goldens’ growth and to ensure that they possess a healthy weight in adulthood.

The table presented below displays an estimated weight list of adult female gold ranging from 1 year to 12 years of age.

Age Weight
1 year32 kg
2 years36 kg
3 years38 kg
4 years39 kg
5 years40 kg
6 years40 kg
7 years40 kg
8 years39 kg
9 years38 kg
10 years37 kg
11 years36 kg
12 years35 kg

Male Golden Retriever Weight Chart

Male Golden Retrievers are somewhat larger than female golds. They can vary widely in weight depending upon the breed they belong to, the foods they intake, and the number of physical activities they are exposed to.

Now, discover the general weight chart for your gold, snowball on yearly basis when they enter their adulthood. This breakdown in the following table will help you encounter the average weight from 1 year to 12 years of age.

from 1 year to 12 years of age.

1 years36 kg
2 years40 kg
3 years43 kg
4 years45 kg
5 years46 kg
6 years48 kg
7 years48 kg
8 years47 kg
9 years46 kg
10 years45 kg
11 years44 kg
12 years42 kg

What Is The Ideal Weight Of A Golden Retriever?

To maintain the ideal weight of a golden retriever, it’s essential to keep an eye on its diet, and physical exercise.

Generally, an adult healthy male Golden Retriever weighs between 30-36 kg while an adult active female is a bit smaller in size as compared to a male who weighs between 25-32 kg.

A healthy weight varies depending on the dog’s overall health and body composition and shouldn’t be based solely on weight.

Final Words

With such an elaborated piece on Golden’s weight chart, we hope that good dog owners will now be more vigilant in taking care of their pets as they mature. And tracking the weight of their pups with our versatile Golden Retriever Weight Chart.

But while considering the weight, you should also be mindful of the diet planned for your furry kid. In order to prepare a healthy meal, you can check the golden retriever food chart for a better idea.

“Wish your Golden Retriever a lifetime of good health, happiness, love, and plenty of tail-wags!”

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