The German Shepherd Color Chart

The traditional black and brown color scheme first comes to mind when most people see a German Shepherd. And yet, you probably weren’t aware that there’s a spectrum of possible […]

German Shepherd Ear Chart

From the barking and body language to ear twitches, your German Shepherd has a wide range of means to convey his thoughts and feelings to you.  You may already know […]

German Shepherd Puppy Food Chart

It’s pretty impossible to maintain emotional distance when a cute puppy like a German Shepherd enters your house. The German Shepherd is known for being a very loving and affectionate […]

German Shepherd Growth Chart

It’s not as easy to generalize about the German Shepherd growth chart as you may imagine. Compared to other breeds, they are larger, yet they are not as big as […]

Poodle Growth Chart

Regardless of her size, you want to see stable growth from your Poodle. You can reduce your fears by following the Poodle growth charts.

Poodle Height & Weight Chart

The height of a poodle is calculated from the floor to the top of the shoulder blades. The following is a average height and weight chart for a female poodle at different ages:

Poodle Haircut Chart

A professional groomer can give your puppy a hairstyle that perfectly fits the pup’s personality. Many options for haircuts are available, some of which in the following poodle haircut Chart.