French Bulldog Color Chart

French bulldog color chart

If you have a French Bulldog or are on the market for one, you may have wondered why some canines in the breed cost more than others. Because specific coat colors are more uncommon than others, they might command a higher premium for French bulldogs. We’ll review a French Bulldog color chart to learn the … Read more

French Bulldog Price Chart

French bulldog price chart

It can’t be denied that French bulldogs are lovely. However, they may be rather costly. Thus, we’ll discuss the steep financial commitment required to acquire and maintain a French bulldog. What do French bulldogs often go for? What is it? The price list of a purebred French bulldog tends to be more than that of … Read more

French Bulldog Ear Positions Chart

French bulldog ear positions chart

The French Bulldog makes a wonderful family pet. Friendly to families, tiny and affectionate, and requiring little care, they are a joy to own. A Frenchie is often pictured as a little, wrinkled dog. The unique ears of a French Bulldog help set them apart. In most cases, they stand upright and have a pointed … Read more

Golden Retriever Color Chart

Golden Retriever Color Chart

The Golden Retriever is one of the most friendly and lovable canine species. This is why they are among the most sought-after pet dogs for families. Goldens are the perfect mix of obedient and energetic. Moreover, they are usually kind and friendly with children. You’ve already made a good choice if you want a Golden … Read more

Golden Retriever Growth Chart

golden retriever growth chart

It’s no secret that golden retrievers are universally beloved pets. Despite the moniker, the Scottish breed may be found in more than just red and cream. The golden retriever is a huge dog breed that may keep growing for another year and a half. Both the height and weight of adult male and female golden … Read more

German Shepherd Puppy Height and Weight Chart

German Shepherd Puppy Height and Weight Chart

German Shepherd Puppies grow rapidly every other week to finally fit their ideal size. To monitor their growth rate and make it easier for you to determine the healthy growth of your dogs, here we have a German Shepard Puppy height and weight chart by age and gender, respectively. These growth charts will help you keep track … Read more

The German Shepherd Color Chart

German shepherd color chart

The traditional black and brown color scheme first comes to mind when most people see a German Shepherd. And yet, you probably weren’t aware that there’s a spectrum of possible German Shepherd coat colors just like German shepherd eye colors. So, to blow your mind, we present the German Shepherd Color Chart. There are several … Read more

German Shepherd Ear Chart

German shepherd ear chart

From the barking and body language to ear twitches, your German Shepherd has a wide range of means to convey his thoughts and feelings to you.  You may already know that its ears are a window to its soul, but have you ever considered the possible meanings of the various ear placements on a German … Read more

German Shepherd Puppy Exercise Chart

germen shepherded puppy exercise time chart

You should put your best paw forward and start your newly acquired German Shepherd puppy out on an active lifestyle straight away. However, strategy and timing are involved in meeting your dog’s needs and talents in physical exercise. For this reason, it’s essential to understand that training a German Shepherd puppy differs considerably from exercising … Read more

German Shepherd Heat Cycle Chart

Female German Shepherd Heat Cycle Chart

The increased urination, the redness and swelling of the vulva, and the blood-tinged discharge that may or may not be coming from it are all typical signs of heat in a German Shepherd that has not been spayed. Between 9 and 12 months, a German Shepherd will experience her first heat and cycle. Your GSD … Read more