Labrador Puppy Growth Chart

Labrador Puppy Growth Chart in stages

It’s a momentous occasion when you bring your puppy home. From that point forward, you want to ensure they are content, healthy, and cared for for the future. Initially, your puppy will grow quickly. But, the pace of growth diminishes rapidly after a while. So, how much time will your Labrador take to reach adult … Read more

Labrador Retriever Color Chart

Labrador retriever color chart

If you’ve heard “Labradors come in only one color…”, I feel your pain. Labradors do come in many colors, just like other dog breeds. You might have heard this common question from people considering getting a Labrador “what color should I get?” This can be tricky since there are a few different colors to choose … Read more

Labrador Retriever food chart

Bringing a tiny lab home is lovely, but one thing always remains of concern-the food. What should you feed your puppy? And what to feed a pup turning into an adult dog? If you are concerned about this, you have landed on the right page. This blog is going to cover everything about feeding a … Read more