French Bulldog Color Chart

If you have a French Bulldog or are on the market for one, you may have wondered why some canines in the breed cost more than others.

Because specific coat colors are more uncommon than others, they might command a higher premium for French bulldogs. We’ll review a French Bulldog color chart to learn the rarity or frequency of your dog’s coat color and the underlying genetics.

When looking for a French Bulldog, it might be beneficial to compare the costs of different colors to get an idea of which would be a better fit for your budget, just like you do for their ear positions.

French bulldog color chart

French Bulldog Colors

FawnWhite and FawnBrindle Piebald
Black and WhiteMerleWhite 
Red FawnLilac Chocolate
BrindleBlue Isabella
Brindle and WhiteBlue and Tan/FawnRed Fawn 
CreamBlue PiedSable French
Blue Sable

Are fawn French Bulldogs rare?

One of the rarest coat colors seen in French Bulldogs is fawn. Because of the difficulty in recreating the Fawn Blue coat color in French Bulldogs, dogs with this coat color are rare.

One of the acceptable colors for French Bulldogs, a fawn, is one of the breed standards. The coat of a Fawn French Bulldog varies from light fawn to red fawn in color.

There are numerous additional Frenchie’s whose skins include a fawn coloration. Many fawn French Bulldogs have black masks.

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What is a black and white Frenchie called?

The black-and-white French bulldog, as the name implies, is marked with black and white. This kind of French bulldog coat is often known as a pied or a piebald.

The majority of its surface is white, and the black spots are not interrupted by any contrasting white patterns.

The French Bulldog’s black and white moniker refers to the dog’s distinctive coat pattern. This coat on a French bulldog is also known as a pied or a piebald. Most of its surface is white, and the black spots are not interrupted by contrasting white patterns.

Despite their beauty, French Bulldogs with a black and white print are not accepted by the breed standard and hence cannot compete in dog competitions.

What DNA makes a red fawn French Bulldog?

Eumelanin (black) and pheomelanin (red/yellow) are produced according to the instructions of the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene. There are now six different forms of this gene, each responsible for a different set of markings and coat color, such as the melanistic mask, grizzle/domino, black, and various degrees of red/yellow.

The coat of a Red Fawn French Bulldog varies from a very light tan to a deep reddish tan. This coloration is typical in French Bulldogs, characterized by a black mask and ears, along with some brindling.

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How rare are brindle French Bulldogs?

The French Bulldog often comes in a variety of hues, but brindle is one of the most common.

This French Bulldog has a mostly fawn coat with black brindle. Nails, noses, eyelids, and lips should always be black. However, the shade might vary.

What is a brindle and white French bulldog?

The same as a brindle Frenchie, but with some white fur added. White patches may appear anywhere on their bodies, however they are most often seen on their chests.

The Brindle and White Frenchie’s primary color is fawn, despite the coat mainly seeming white. Even though breeding with animals that have black spots is frowned upon, it is legal.

Do cream French Bulldogs shed?

Indeed, Frenchies shed all-year. During the warmer months, certain breeds lose their fur. French bulldogs, however, are not one of them. It’s crucial to keep up with their maintenance (at least a little brushing!) since they shed very often throughout the year.

It will be dominant over the whole body with no other patches of color, like the white French Bulldog but with a more eggshell taste.

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Are white Frenchie’s more expensive?

The price of a French Bulldog puppy typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,000. The price of a French Bulldog decreases from Merle, Lilac, and Isabella to fawn, brindle, and white. Isabella

That even the ‘pure’ white French Bulldog is technically a “pied” dog is a fact that may come as a surprise to you. It’s simply that the white patches on a fawn coat stand out more to the naked eye.

What is a fawn and white French Bulldog?

The fawn coloring of their coats may range from light tan to a deep scarlet. They might have no white at all, a tiny amount of white, or a lot of white in their coat.

There should be an equitable distribution of fawn wherever the white is present in a white and fawn French Bulldog.

Final Thoughts

There is no better investment than an $11,000+ fluffy Frenchie, $6,000+ blue Frenchie, or $200+ brindle Frenchie from the humane society. In addition to being generous and lively companions, they are fiercely devoted to their kind.

You may gauge your willingness to spend on a Frenchie with a unique coat by consulting a French bulldog color chart.