German Shepherd Growth Chart

It’s not as easy to generalize about the German Shepherd growth chart as you may imagine. Compared to other breeds, they are larger, yet they are not as big as you may expect.

Puppies of the German Shepherd breed weigh around 1 pound at birth, and their adult weight is expected to be between 15 and 20 pounds.

The average adult German Shepherd weighs around 80 pounds and is about 24 inches tall. Women, on average, are 5 centimeters shorter and 2 to 3 pounds lighter than men.

Our focus today is on the maturation and growth of your new German Shepherd puppy. We’ll help you estimate how big they’ll become as adults and warn you if their weight begins to pose health risks.

german shepherd growth chart

German Shepherd Growth Chart

1-3 Months Old GSD4.5-31 pounds
3-6 Months Old GSD31-53 pounds
6-9 Months Old GSD46-70 pounds
Adult GSD
2-3 years71-88 pounds
9-1279-98 pounds

German Shepherd Size, Lifespan & Health

The health and longevity of German Shepherds are proportional to their size. Regarding size and development in particular. That’s because dog obesity has been related to specific health problems.

Overweight German Shepherds, like overweight dogs of other breeds, have health risks. We’ll have to keep this in mind when we examine German Shepherd size in further detail.

Puppy German Shepherds of any hue, even black ones, all have the same average birth weight.

While excessive development in pups might cause health problems later in life, GSDs are predisposed to hip and elbow dysplasia.

They also have problems with their eyes and ears, allergies, asthma, pancreatic illnesses, panosteitis, and osteitis dissecans, which causes lameness. And may quickly get bloated. Some German Shepherd Dogs have abnormally sloping backs and leg angulation that may contribute to health problems.

The life expectancy of German Shepherds may be 9 years or more depending on various variables such as breed, environment, and food.

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The Average German Shepherd Puppy Size

A large-scale census survey of dogs in Italy found that newborn German Shepherd pups typically weigh about 503 grams or 1.1 lb. A newborn German Shepherd may weigh anything from 370 to 600 grams, or 0.8 to 1.3 pounds.

There are typically between six and eight pups in a litter, and both the number of the litter and the birth weight is generally determined by the size and form of the mother. They’ll double their birth weight, or approximately 1.6 to 2.1 pounds, by the time they’re a week old.

Though they can’t see or hear, the puppies’ sizes will start to differentiate.

German Shepherd Growth

German Shepherds, a many breeds, should not be overfed. To reduce the prevalence of hip and elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis, which are more common in big breed dogs due to their tendency toward fast weight increase, responsible German Shepherd breeders work to keep their pups healthy from birth.

Excessive calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D levels have been linked to joint diseases. Caution is advised while feeding a puppy since the recommended quantity of food may seem insufficient.

That’s why there are enormous breed-specific dog foods: to slow their development in a manner that’s good for their health and joints. Follow a German shepherd growth chart supplied by your breeder or veterinarian and talk to your doctor about the appropriate rate of weight increase for your puppy.

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Size of a German Shepherd Dog as It Ages

German Shepherd puppies typically weigh 14-15 pounds when they are 8 weeks old, the age at which they may be brought home. The range is often about 3–4 pounds Higher or lower. Let’s look at the development of a German Shepherd puppy from birth through each of its first months.

1-month-Old GSD Size

German Shepherd pups weigh between 4.5 to 9 pounds at a month old, with females being somewhat lighter than males.

2-Month-Old GSD Size

By the time they’re two months old, their weight should be between 11 and 20 pounds.

3-month-old GSD puppy

Your puppy’s ideal weight range at three months old is between 17 and 31 pounds, depending on the gender. Most pups at this age have found their forever homes and are eating three times a day. If your puppy has trouble eating its entire daily ration in three meals, it is OK to divide it into four parts for the next several weeks.

4-month-old GSD puppy

In the range of 28.5 to 39.5 pounds, your puppy’s weight will be at four months. WOW! That’s a huge deal! It’s around half of your dog’s whole mature weight. Puppies this age often seem scrawny and weak.

Keep a tight check on your puppy’s weight between 2 and 5 months since this is when they may experience significant growth spurts.

6-month-old GSD Puppy

At six months, most boys weigh about 53 pounds, and most females around 46. Compared to a month ago, many dogs will seem much less puppy-like now that their growth rate has slowed significantly.

9-month-old German Shepherd puppy

The average weight for a Shepherd at 9 months is 64–70 pounds.

One pound for a boy and 55-59 for a female. When a dog reaches this age, they weigh almost 90% of its eventual adult size.

Average Size of an Adult German Shepherd

It’s safe to say that your dog will be almost fully grown when its first birthday rolls around. The maximum height for a one-year-old German Shepherd is about the same as for a human adult.

However, your puppy will plump up in the following months, seem less worn, and may continue growing weight for another 12-15 months. Keep an eye on your weight to ensure that you gain muscle, not fat.

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GSD Adulthood

GSD Between 2-3 years

A German shepherd’s mature size is typically attained between the ages of 2 and 3. However, they may gain weight throughout this period. Maintaining an active lifestyle with a dog that enjoys play and human interaction is essential. They have: 

  • the opportunity to keep training and experiencing new things.
  • Completely versed yet still open to instruction
  • Become a more level headed, less rash
  • An assured family member
  • Even while they are still active, their levels of hyperactivity have decreased.

German Shepherd Age Range: 9-12

German shepherds may live anywhere from 9-13 years with the proper care. Around the ages of 8 and 10, they enter their twilight years.

At this stage of life, concerns about their health and well-being and the need for assistance with them become increasingly apparent. During this stage of life, senior dogs will:

  • Start winding down, but you might still be having fun
  • slumber more accessible and have less stress
  • Arthritis, back, and joint issues might need nutritional supplements or painkillers.
  • meals for the elderly or those with delicate stomachs
  • Maintain an exercise routine, while bouncing and rough play should be avoided.
  • should be checked for increasing symptoms by a vet regularly.

Can you tell me when a German Shepherd will stop growing?

Female German Shepherds finish developing at an earlier age than males do, at eight months, and males at about nine months. Males may add an inch by 15 months, while females may grow by 12-15 months. At 36 months, they’ve reached their final adult size.


If you want to be a responsible pet owner, one of the first things you should do is get a German shepherd growth chart for your German Shepherd puppy. This will help you ensure your puppy is developing typically and maintaining a healthy weight at every age.