Poodle Haircut Chart

Poodles are one of the most recognized dog species around the globe for their stylish looks. When you think Poodle, you think hairs, and you think style.

Poodle’s curly hair and coarse coats are one of the rare features of this dog breed, which you won’t find in other dog breeds. These dogs appear more at dog shows than other breeds; they are elegant, gracious and adorable.

Poodles have such unique fur that there are countless poodle haircuts to choose from. It is where most people face difficulties in choosing what haircut to give to their favorite pet.

Finding a suitable hairstyle for the Poodle is challenging as there are several styles for poodles, whether Standard Poodle, Toy poodle, or Miniature Poodle.

A professional groomer can give your puppy a hairstyle that perfectly fits the pup’s personality. Many options for haircuts are available, some of which in the following poodle haircut Chart.

poodle hair cuts style chart

Best Haircuts for your Poodle

Styling a poodle is challenging because getting a perfect haircut is the goal and making sure that the pup feels comfortable is also a priority.

Poodles are comfortable and happy with short hairs as fewer hairs come in the way, and short hairs give a decent look. During the winter, one should leave enough hair to keep the dog warm, as they are afraid of cold and feel uncomfortable.

To prepare your Poodle for a dog competition, look for something extraordinary. You can choose one from the Poodle grooming styles chart.

Haircuts for different types of Poodles

Some people find it difficult to style their Poodle due to the category in which that specific poodle breed falls.

Eventually, it is only a misconception among dog owners, as there is no such thing as specific hairstyles for any Poodle category.

Standard poodles can get the hairstyles of the miniature ones, as with other Poodle breeds. So if there is a Standard Poodle cuts chart, you can choose the same style for any other breed.

All styles are versatile, depending on the owner’s choice of what style suits their pup and how much maintenance they want to keep up with. While any poodle can sport any style, there may be standard options you’d like to choose from, some of which are in the Poodle cuts chart..

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy bear cut is a popular trim for long-haired poodle breeds and all other poodles. In this haircut, the groomer tries to give the pup a “Teddy Bear “look by leaving the hairs around the face of the Poodle a bit longer.

This cut gives the Poodle a softly rounded face. At the same time, the rest of the hairs on the pup’s body are at a shorter uniform length. Talk about cuddly cuteness. The pup not only gives a very kind look but is also comfortable.

German Cut

Looking for a fancy haircut, but not too fancy? The German cut is the perfect option. This trim involves angular cutting of hair to give you a sharp profile.

In this kind of trim, the hair on the legs and lower body are long, whereas the facial and the upper body hairs are cut short. The German trim is an excellent option for active and for pups that are prone to ear infections or ear matting.

As the upper body hairs are short, it makes the dog feel more comfortable. Additionally, it is easy for the owner to determine any infection or ear diseases around the pup’s ear.

The dog feels much lighter and can perform its physical activities effectively. Hence, such haircuts ensure fancy looks and dog comfort.

Lion Cut

When one talks about a poodle haircut, most people think about the lion cut. This cut involves complete body shaving leaving hairs only in specific areas such as shoulders, paws, tail, face and ears.

The lion cut’s elaborate style makes it impressive, and as always, to meet this type of cut requires a lot of time and experience to achieve the perfect style. It is one of the most commonly used styles in dog competitions and is always known as The Continental cut.

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is also a favorite choice among most poodle parents. This cut is a simple, natural-looking trim leaving the dog with an evenly cut length.

It is an adaptable look, so be careful with the length that fits your dog’s personality, or consult a groomer. By giving your Poodle this look, your dog resembles a cute puppy.

The Puppy haircut is most famous amongst the miniature categories of Poodle. It suits them the most compared to standard Poodles, as they are smaller. It is more challenging to give other poodle breeds the puppy haircut than the miniature ones.

English Saddle Cut

This haircut is pompous yet elegant, focusing more on styling your Poodle’s hair. It involves styling the hairs into poofs instead of cutting and shaving the hair, making him look like a snowball.

If we compare it to other cuts, one might say that it is similar to the “Continental cut / Lion cut”, but it involves less hair cutting on the Poodle back. Poofs are on the lower body, including the legs and tail.

The facial hairs are also given a pompous round shape, making them look like a snowball. The back hairs are also trimmed uniformly. This hairstyle is quite famous among all poodle breeds.

Summer Cut

Most dog owners wonder if it is a bad thing to give their dogs a summer cut. Well, giving your dog a summer cut isn’t a bad idea, although other dog breeds should not follow the example of the Poodle, an adaptive breed to different hairstyles.

During summer, your dog gets dirtier more often than in other seasons, especially if you take it out for a walk or to play in the woods. It is a good idea to give your Poodle a summer cut as it will make your pup feel less warm and more comfortable.

This hairstyle involves trimming the body hair to a specific length all over the body. It makes the dog look fascinating and achieves an aesthetic appearance. 


When your dog has such curly, stylish looks, you might wonder how difficult it would be to groom your dog perfectly.

The longer the style, the more often you should groom them. Poodle goes through a coat change in the first year of life, so you must groom them more often.

Grooming involves styling the dog according to its personality. Many different styles are available in the Poodle haircut chart. We have tried to explain some of the most popular haircuts that can suit any poodle breed, whether Miniature, Toy or Standard poodles.