English Bulldog Weight Chart

The English Bulldog is a round yet adorable breed. They are kind and humorous and take great delight in being included in a family. It’s essential to keep an eye on your new pet’s development, particularly in the early stages when they’re still tiny with this English bulldog weight chart. 

This covers how much they weigh and the other developmental achievements that come with them.

Each canine has its personality. Some might be smaller than the average for the breed, while others could be much larger. Whether we take their measurements, we can assess if our canines are on the right track. 

Different ones require different amounts of time to reach their full size. If we keep track of our dogs’ progress in this way, we may use the data as a benchmark to evaluate how well they are maturing.

Our detailed guide will show you how your English Bulldog develops from a puppy to an adult. In addition, we’ve included a growth chart so you can track your dog’s development over time. We wrap up by addressing your most often expressed concerns about your dog.

English Bulldog Weight Chart by life stages in LBS

English Bulldog Weight Chart

AgeWeight (kg)Weight (lbs)
1 week0.4 – 0.90.9 – 2
2 weeks0.9 – 1.82 – 4
3 weeks1.4 – 2.33 – 5
4 weeks1.8 – 3.64 – 8
5 weeks2.3 – 4.55 – 10
6 weeks2.7 – 5.46 – 12
8 weeks3.6 – 7.38 – 16
10 weeks4.5 – 9.110 – 20
3 months7.3 – 11.816 – 26
4 months9.1 – 15.920 – 35
5 months11.4 – 19.525 – 43
6 months13.2 – 22.729 – 50
8 months15.9 – 26.335 – 58
10 months17.7 – 29.539 – 65
12 months19.5 – 32.743 – 72
18 months22.7 – 34.950 – 77
2 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77
3 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77
4 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77
5 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77
6 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77
7 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77
8 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77
9 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77
10 years22.7 – 34.950 – 77

Female English bulldog growth:

  • At three months of age, a female English bulldog’s weight should be between 7.3 and 9 kilograms, depending on size.
  • At six months of age, female English bulldogs typically weigh between 13.4 and 16.7 kilograms (28.8 and 35.8 pounds).
  • How much should a one-year-old female English bulldog weigh? You may choose between 17.5 and 22.3 kg.
  • For female English bulldogs, it means 16 months of age.

Size Development in Male English Bulldogs:

  • At three months of age, a male English bulldog should weigh between 9 and 9.7 kilograms, depending on its size.
  • The average weight of a male English bulldog at six months is 16.7 kg, with a range of up to 18 kg possible.
  • About how much should a male English bulldog weigh at a year old? The content is between 22.3 and 24.2 kg.
  • After 16 months, the male English Bulldog reaches its full size.

Newborn to Two Weeks (Puppy)

If you are an English Bulldog breeder, you will be fortunate enough to see your puppies grow and change from the moment they open their eyes.

During this stage, your English Bulldog relies entirely on its mother for food and warmth, so you won’t have to do anything to care for it. They’ll do nothing but eat, sleep, and grow.

Because the mother Bulldog can reject one or more of her pups, it is your responsibility to keep a close eye on the situation. That means you’ll have to provide for yourself.

Puppies are usually accepted by their mothers, weighing around five ounces for males and four ounces for females.

During this moment, the puppy will also have its eyes closed. Puppies of English Bulldogs are similarly unresponsive to noise.

From the Third to the Twelve Week Mark (Puppy)

Your English Bulldog puppy’s energy and volume will increase significantly as it matures. Many things will pique their interest as they explore the vast sensory landscape around them.

There will be a noticeable increase in the pups’ responsiveness to sound, the opening of their eyes, and their level of interaction with you and their mother.

The average weight of an English Bulldog puppy is between five and fifteen pounds. If you see a significant increase in height or weight, be assured that nothing is amiss.

Dogs at this age should also begin consuming solid meals. Additionally, they will gradually wean themselves off of their mother’s milk.

In the case of a breeder-purchased puppy, this is the age at which you may expect to take possession of your new addition.

Ages Four to Nine Months (Adolescent)

It’s typical for a puppy, like your Bulldog, to be considerably more active and get into plenty of mischief at this age.

You should expect your dog to weigh between thirty and forty-five pounds at this stage. Even when your puppy has attained adult height, its weight will continue to increase.

The aggressive and assertive nature typical of this dog breed will become readily apparent in your puppy.

It’s typical for many English Bulldogs to engage in playful disputes with one another; the dogs are only attempting to establish their place in the canine social order.

From Age 10 to 18 Months (Adolescent)

After this time frame, your English Bulldog should be fully grown. Your dog’s weight won’t fluctuate as much now that it’s stabilized so any growth won’t be as noticeable.

When you finally recognize that your English Bulldog has to switch from puppy food to adult dog food, you’ll probably want to research what’s considered the best food for English Bulldogs. To thrive, every dog needs access to premium nutrition.

Whether you have a male or female English Bulldog, you should expect it to weigh between 52 and 55 pounds.

There will always be exceptions to this rule, but as long as you monitor your dog’s development and ensure it is in line with its particular growth curve, you shouldn’t have any cause for concern.

The way you feed your dog or the lack of exercise might be to blame if you see it continues to gain weight. It would be good to consult a vet, too.


Suppose your English Bulldog is now an adult, many happy returns to you! You’re the parent your kids have always needed, so pat yourself on the back.

Your formerly adorable puppy has matured into a rational and emotionally stable adult. Gratitude is for you.

Your mature English Bulldog should be between forty and fifty pounds and twelve and sixteen inches in height.

During this time, it’s essential to keep your dog at a healthy weight. Your dog’s weight may still be a source of worry even when they are beyond the critical growth stage.

A strong correlation exists between how much food your dog consumes and its overall health. A healthy Bulldog weight is essential since it may help stave against future health problems. Everyone wants a dog that is entirely healthy and never gets sick.

What is the size of a full-grown English Bulldog?

Life StageWeight Range (lbs)
Puppy10 – 15
Adolescent20 – 30
Adult40 – 50
Senior40 – 50

As defined by the Bulldog Club of America’s Bulldog Standards, the English Bulldog’s appearance should be robust and symmetrical, without any defining characteristics.

Some English Bulldogs may end up being heavier than the predicted weight. If your adult English Bulldog weighs more than these maximums, you must talk to your doctor about a healthy weight for your dog. Worry not if your canine companion is on the plump (or slender) side of the weight spectrum.

Talking with your vet about the best diet for your English Bulldog, including how much food to feed it and how often and any special treats you want to give it, is a significant first step. A point to be noted the price of your French bulldog majorly depends upon its color.

What is the ideal weight for an English Bulldog?

The average height of an English bulldog is around 16 inches. The female weighs around 23 kilograms (about 50 pounds), whereas the male weighs approximately 23 kilograms more (24 kilograms).

What weight should a 6-month-old English bulldog be?

When it comes to weight, an English Bulldog that is 6 months old and male will weigh around 33 to 37 pounds, while an English Bulldog that is 6 months old and female will weigh between 26 to 33 pounds.

What is considered overweight for an English Bulldog?

However, while having a big chest and a square form overall, the Bulldog should still make sure to cinch in at the waist. It ought should be possible for you to feel his ribs if you run your hands down each side of his rib cage while doing so. If you are unable to feel his ribs or locate a waistline that is narrower than his hips, then your Bulldog likely has an unhealthy amount of body fat.

Do English Bulldogs need a lot of exercises?

The English Bulldog is a breed that is prone to a number of different health conditions and has relatively low activity requirements. You can ensure that your pet is as happy and lively as possible by devoting at least a half hour of each day to their physical exercise, which should include at least one brief stroll.

Are Bulldogs naturally chubby?

This is a widespread fallacy that has to be dispelled: the Bulldog is not a breed of dog that is predisposed to having a naturally stocky build.

Even though Bulldogs have a huge appetite and are prone to putting on excess weight, their owners still have a responsibility to take preventative measures to ensure that their dogs do not acquire any serious health concerns.

Concluding Remarks

As dog owners, we do our bit by ensuring that our pets have access to high-quality food, exercise, and at-home care, but we also recognize the need to schedule routine visits to the vet.

In addition to providing you with tailored suggestions, a vet may also conduct diagnostic tests to spot any health problems with your dog at an early stage.

For the sake of our pets’ continued health and happiness, prevention and early diagnosis are of the utmost importance, relate to this English Bulldog Weight Chart.

Adult English Bulldogs develop into goofy, charming, wrinkled dogs with plenty of character. Here you can shop for the best deal on English Bulldog insurance and be sure you’ll be covered no matter what.

We at want you and your veterinarian to make choices about your pet’s health care based on what is in your pet’s best interest, not on the limits imposed by your budget.

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